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Title :中國文化中心: 經典華語電影欣賞
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Chinese Civilisation Centre Classic Chinese Film Show 中國文化中心: 經典華語電影欣賞 Farewell to my Concubine霸王別姬 Show Time: 27.02.2018 (Tue) 19:30 Director: Kaige CHEN 陳凱歌 Script Writer: Lilian LEE 李碧華, Wei LU 蘆葦 Actor: Leslie CHEUNG 張國榮, Fengyi ZHANG張豐毅, Li GONG 鞏俐 Red Dust 滾滾紅塵 Show Time: 10.04/2018 (Tue) 19:30 Director: Ho YIM嚴浩 Script Writer: Sanmao 三毛, Ho YIM 嚴浩 Actor: Brigitte LIN 林青霞, Han CHIN秦漢, Maggie CHEUNG 張曼玉 Venue: Joseph Lee Hall (LT-3505), 3/F, Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building, CityU of Hong Kong香港城市大學葉李達三葉耀珍學術樓(AC2)三樓李 宗德講堂 不設門票,座位有限,先到先得。 No tickets. First come, first served. Participants can write and post comments on the Centre’s Facebook. $500 book coupons will be given to the best 5 chosen by teachers among the ones having the most number of “LIKE”. 觀眾可於中心Facebook活動專頁發表觀後感言。評審老 師從獲最多點「讚」中各選出五個卓越的評論。 Remarks: Prize winner have to be full-time students獲獎者須為全日制學生
Venue :Joseph Lee Hall
(How to get there)
Category :Others
Department/Office :Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV)
Event Start Date :2018-02-27 19:30   Open and Add event to my calendar
Event End Date :2018-04-10 22:00
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