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(Reminder) HK-Nanjing exhibition: Border DiggersSCM2017/12/202018/01/20
(Reminder) IAS Distinguished Lecture "How do we Create and Process Materials for Flexible, Transparent Electronic Circuitry?" by Professor Tobin J. MarksIASTomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) 中國文化中心客座教授講座系列: 鄧小南教授主講CCIVTomorrow2018/01/24
(Reminder) CityU Distinguished Lecture “The Quest of Infinity” by Prof Yifang Wang (19 Jan 2018)OVP(RT)TomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) Theme Based Public Lecture: Bold strategy to remake the world or irrational exuberance? - The Belt and Road Initiative and China's fiscal foundation by Professor Christine Wong (19 Jan 2018OVP(RT)TomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) 新書講座:後殖民東亞社會力量的挑戰—馬來西亞與澳門 (Book talk: Social Forces in Postcolonial East Asia—Malaysia and Macau)UP2018/01/202018/01/20
COM Research Seminar: Selective Filtering On Social Media by Ms ZHU QinfengCOM2018/01/222018/01/22
(Reminder) LT Research Forum: The Creation of Meaning and the Function and Development of Language: The Theory of Language as Constraints on Inference (Speaker: Prof. Randy J. LaPolla)LT2018/01/222018/01/22
Seminar on Innovative Wind Turbine DesignSEE2018/01/222018/01/22
中國文化中心崑曲小組2018年春季課程開班: 2018年1月23日至4月10日CCIV2018/01/232018/04/10
The President's Lecture Series 32: Excellence in AcademiaCPRO2018/01/252018/01/25
Seminar : Urbanization, Inequality and Domestic Consumption in China (25 January 2018)POL2018/01/252018/01/25
中國文化中心中國文化講座系列: 梅家玲教授主講CCIV2018/01/252018/01/26
(Reminder) Seminar: What history should secondary school students learn? (中學生應該學些什麼歷史?)UP2018/01/262018/01/26
中國文化中心客座教授講座系列: 李孝聰教授主講CCIV2018/01/262018/02/01
CSC Forum - Google's Ambition on Internet of Things (IoT)CSC2018/01/262018/01/26
中國文化中心中國文化講座系列: 李歐梵教授主講CCIV2018/01/292018/01/29
LT Research Forum: Researching, Learning and Training Late Second Language Speech (Speaker: Dr. Kazuya Saito)LT2018/01/292018/01/29
IAS Distinguished Lecture "L-functions: Its Past and Future" by Professor Shou-Wu ZhangIAS2018/01/302018/01/30
中國文化中心藝術示範講座系列: 史敏教授主講CCIV2018/02/052018/02/06