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(Reminder) 立刻報名: 中國文化中心崑曲小組2018年春季課程即將開課CCIV2018/01/232018/04/10
中國文化中心: 經典華語電影欣賞CCIV2018/02/272018/04/10
(Reminder) 2018 Indian Film Festival: Women in BollywoodSCMTodayTomorrow
(Reminder) LT Distinguished Lecture Series: Dubbed Film Dialogue as an Idiosyncratic Communicative Event: A Systemic Functional Perspective (Speaker: Prof. Luis PÉREZ GONZÁLEZ)LT2018/03/262018/03/26
(Reminder) (Updated) 中國文化中心: 廣東潮劇院二團演出門票已開始發售CCIV2018/03/262018/03/27
(Reminder) (Updated) LT Research Forum: Theorizing and Modeling Translation from a Functional Perspective (Speaker: Prof. Erich Steiner) (27 Mar 2018)LT2018/03/272018/03/27
CityU Distinguished Lecture "In Search of the Image of Nora: Difficulties in Shaping a Representative Image of Modern Women in Early 20th-Century East Asia" (27 March 2018)OVP(RT)2018/03/272018/03/27
(Reminder) (Updated) LT Research Forum: Models - Predictions - Data: An (Un)problematic Relationship? The Example of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) (Speaker: Prof. Erich Steiner) (28 Mar 2018)LT2018/03/282018/03/28
Seminar : Legitimacy as the Law of Politics (29 March 2018)POL2018/03/292018/03/29
(Updated) SEE Seminar: SEE Tech Talk Series on Advanced Energy TechnologiesSEE2018/04/072018/04/07
France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture “Molecular Machines in Biology and in Chemistry” by Prof Jean-Pierre Sauvage (11 Apr)OVP(RT)2018/04/112018/04/11
International Conference on Global Cities: The Networks of Connectivity in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region, 1850-1950CAH2018/04/132018/04/14
LT Research Forum: Better Than Expected: The Dynamics of Prediction-based Processing in Younger and Older Adults' Language Comprehension (Speaker: Prof. Kara Federmeier)LT2018/04/162018/04/16
16 April 2018 - William Benter Distinguished Lecture by Prof Jon KeatingLBJ2018/04/162018/04/16
Event-Related Potentials (ERP) and Eye-Tracker Training Workshop (17-19 April 2018)LT2018/04/172018/04/19
CityU Distinguished Lecture "Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Education" by Prof Eric A. Hanushek (18 April)OVP(RT)2018/04/182018/04/18
The President's Lecture Series 34: Excellence in AcademiaCPRO2018/04/192018/04/19
Seminar: School Choice in America: The Promise and the Proof (19 April 2018)POL2018/04/192018/04/19
中國文化中心: 江蘇省演藝集團崑劇院演出CCIV2018/04/202018/04/21
LT Research Forum: Solid as a Rock the Boat: What Eye-Tracking and ERPs Reveal about Downstream Comprehension Following Lexical Ambiguity Resolution (Speaker: Dr. Mallory Stites)LT2018/04/232018/04/23
IAS Distinguished Lecture "Wetting - A Multiscale Phenomenon" by Professor Dr. Hans-Jürgen ButtIAS2018/05/152018/05/15