University Events

(Reminder) [Call for Papers] International Conference of Cultural Governance in Asia (ICCGA)AIS2018/10/222019/01/30
Ethnographic Research Training and Empowerment Workshops for Hong Kong Nepali Youth Workshop SeriesAIS2019/01/142019/01/31
The Chinese Grammar and Pedagogy Lecture Series (Jan to Mar 2019)LT2019/01/172019/03/25
(Reminder) 中國文化中心文化講座系列: 王汎森教授主講CCIVTomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) COM Research Seminar: The Measurement of Media Reputation by Dr ZHANG XiaoqunCOMTomorrowTomorrow
(Reminder) The Chinese Grammar and Pedagogy Lecture Series (by Prof. CUI Xiliang) (21 and 23 Jan 2019)LTTomorrow2019/01/23
(Reminder) 中國文化中心藝術示範講座系列: 胡慶學先生主講CCIV2019/01/222019/01/24
(Updated) (Re-scheduled to 4:00-5:30 pm, 22 Jan) 張翠瑤博士傑出講座: 中國古典詩詞的語言之美LT2019/01/222019/01/22
IAS Distinguished Lecture - Design and Applications of Catalytic Reactions for Sustainable Synthesis and Energy (by Professor David Milstein)HKIAS2019/01/232019/01/23
The President's Lecture Series 37: Excellence in AcademiaCPRO2019/01/252019/01/25
CSC Forum - Common Technical Misconceptions About MicroservicesCSC2019/01/252019/01/25
Seminar On DLP-based Additive Manufacturing of Complex Shape Advanced Ceramics By Prof Shanghua WuSKLTMW2019/01/252019/01/25
中國文化中心文化講座系列: 梅謙立教授主講CCIV2019/01/282019/01/28
COM Research Seminar: "(Un)committable Media Freedom, Social Media, and Silent Voices in Dictatorships and Beyond” by Prof Hans H. TUNGCOM2019/01/282019/01/28
The Chinese Grammar and Pedagogy Lecture Series (by Prof. TSENG Chin-Chin) (28, 31 Jan and 1 Feb 2019)LT2019/01/282019/02/01
CityU Distinguished Lecture "AI Enabled Personalized Theranotics" by Prof Chih-Ming Ho (28 Jan 2019)OVP(RT)2019/01/282019/01/28
(Updated) 中國文化中心崑曲小組開課:請即報名CCIV2019/01/292019/04/16
COM Research Seminar: Modeling the Emergence of Old World Complex Societies by Prof Sergey GAVRILETSCOM2019/04/082019/04/08