University Events

IAS Distinguished Lecture - Macromolecular Engineering by Taming Free Radicals (by Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski)IAS2018/10/242018/10/24
中國文化中心特備活動: 密藏菲林中的文革故事—《紅色新聞兵》作者李振盛講座CCIV2018/10/252018/10/25
中國文化中心文化講座系列: 張仲民教授主講CCIV2018/10/262018/10/29
IAS Distinguished Lecture - Modeling and Analysis of Markov Processes with Non-stationary Transition Probabilities (by Professor Peter Glynn)IAS2018/10/292018/10/29
中國文化中心特備活動: 國粹香江進校園—河北梆子CCIV2018/10/292018/10/29
中國文化中心藝術示範講座系列: 羅晶女士主講CCIV2018/10/312018/10/31
Seminar : Local Regulations of Ride-hailing Services in Mainland China (1 November 2018)POL2018/11/012018/11/01
COM Conference: Towards New Frameworks of Media and Communication Studies "Beyond the West"COM2018/11/042018/11/04
35th World Cultural Council Award CeremonyOVP(RT)2018/11/082018/11/08
IAS Conference Celebrating France-Hong Kong Scientific Cooperation in Honour of Professor Philippe G. Ciarlet's 80th BirthdayIAS2018/11/122018/11/12
(Reminder) Public Lecture: "A Journey in Chemistry — Towards Complex Matter" by Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (1987)CHEM2018/11/142018/11/14
IAS Distinguished Lecture - From Homonuclear Metal String Complexes to Heteronuclear Metal String Complexes (by Professor Shie-Ming Peng)IAS2018/11/302018/11/30
LT Research Forum: Data-Driven Text Adaptation for Academic Reading Materials (Speaker: Dr. JIN Tan)LT2018/11/302018/11/30