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Title :(Reminder) SEE Seminar: Valorization of lignin - a solid waste from pulping/paper industry on 24 May 2024 at 3pm
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SEE Seminar

Valorization of lignin - a solid waste from pulping/paper industry


Date: 24 May 2024 (Friday)

Time: 34 pm

Venue: LT-16, 4/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building

Language: English



Professor Xueqing QIU 邱学青教授

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering 加拿大工程院外籍院士

President of Guangdong University of Technology 广东工业大学校长


About the Speaker

Professor Xueqing QIU, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering and President of Guangdong University of Technology, has been awarded the State Council Special Allowance Expert and The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He is also the Vice Chairman of Guangdong Province Science, the executive director of China Chemical Society, and the executive director of Guangdong Chemical Society. Prof. Qiu’s research focuses on valorization of industrial lignin resources and novel extraction techniques development. He has won the Second Prize of National Technological Invention Award twice (both ranking first), the First and Second Prize of the Guangdong Provincial Technological Award six times, the China Patent Excellence Award four times, and the Guangdong Patent Gold Award twice, as well as the "Min Enze Energy and Chemical Industry Award Outstanding Contribution Award", among many others. With over 170 Chinese invention patents and 5 US patents issued, he has published more than 500 SCI papers and edited 2 academic monographs.



The annual production of industrial lignin exceeds 50 million tons, yet its utilization rate for high-value applications remains relatively low. The valorization of industrial lignin holds promise for enhancing its value and mitigating its environmental impact, thereby fostering sustainable development within the cellulose industry and transforming waste into valuable resources. Such efforts can yield significant economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Drawing upon three decades of research expertise in the field of industrial lignin applications, this presentation offers a comprehensive overview of the current status and research advancements in industrial lignin utilization, particularly in the domains of industrial surfactants and high-performance functional materials. It examines key scientific and technical challenges across various application sectors and proposes future research directions aiming at unlocking the high-value potential of industrial lignin. The presentation serves as a valuable resource for guiding the applications of industrial lignin in polymer composites, high-performance battery materials, high-performance nanomaterials, and other domains.



Registration Deadline: 5pm, 23 May 2024 (Thursday)


All are welcome


Venue :LT 16 Benjamin Kwok Lecture Theatre
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Category :Academic Seminar
Department/Office :School of Energy and Environment (SEE)
Event Start Date :2024-05-24 15:00   Open and Add event to my calendar
Event End Date :2024-05-24 16:00
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